21 Photos That Needs a Bit Explanation

Are you a fan of mysteries? Maybe you can help us figure out exactly what is going on this picture and how did the situation come to this point?! A car stuck in a tree. How, why? Alien invasion maybe? Who knows! Guess we’ll never find out.


If you think we’re exaggerating, then you need to look at the pictures for yourself. It certainly is a treat to all the detectives out there! 

  1. 1 But how?

  2. 2 It will be all OK!

  3. 3 Alien!

  4. 4 Like seriously!

  5. 5 Safe hands!

  6. 6 Please give me some reason

  7. 7 Parking issues!

  8. 8 Octopus??

  9. 9 Safety!!

  10. 10 No idea who did this

  11. 11 Flying building

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