10+ Patent Lies By People With Amazing Sense Of Humour

Often times when people like you and me are too broke to purchase stuff from authentic brands we resort to knock offs. However, have you wondered what would happen if knock off sellers disappeared from the face of this earth and average people had to design their own knock off bags, shoes and appliances?


Well, if you are curious then scroll down below to get your answers. We assure you, you are going to get a good laugh looking at these photos. 

BMW launched donkeys as well. LOL!!

That must be the app for blind peeps!

Latest "Nike" design!!

Wait! What!! Is there really any thing like donut seeds in this world?

Super legit...

Adidas or Nike?

Best "Fire Extinguisher" Ever!!!

Well you fooled me!

I never slept in class!

When someone keeps on swiping your drinks

Seems legit

DIY Louis Vuiton

This is epic!!

So Close!!

Forever alone liar

Close Enough!!


Smart Kid!!

DIY Lacoste!!

Wooden "Electric Fence"

No one told me I would go bald as well!

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