10+ Photos Showing Raising Kids Is Hard

As parents, raising kids is really rewarding. You get to relive your earlier years all over again through them, and you get to have a good time with them. You see yourself in them and seeing your kid happy is a joy. 


As, all good things in life comes with a price, following photos will show you its not easy being a parent. Enjoy!

Day 12. they still don't know I'm not a cat

Took my daughter out for a nice dinner.

This is little annoying

Never leave your aquarium open if you have kids


Perfectly cleaned TV


How even he managed to do it?

My daughter is also going pro at Hide n Seek.

Weird little kid

When your friends daughter goes quiet for 10 minutes and they find her like this...

A kung-fu fighter...

She painted herself perfectly! lol


Silence is golden. Unless you have a toddler. Then it is suspicious.

How long was she alone?


Yayyy I did it, now she looks even better.


Is it some kind of powder party going on in here?


Never go shopping with a kid

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