10+ People With Hilarious Hairstyles That Look Like Food

There are bad hairstyles, then there are very bad hairstyles and then… there are hairstyles that are featured in this post. They are not entirely outrageous though, they do, however, remind you of food! So we apologize if you get some sudden cravings after going through this post! 


Not only you might get some cravings, but these pictures will also make you think, “Why would anyone do this, willingly?”

This looks exactly the same.

Literally Corn Hairs!! LOL

Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Hairstyle!!

Noodle Hairs!!

Onion Head!!

Hard Candy Humbugs!!


Tomato Head!!

Both Are Meat, please Don't Be Confused!!

Niki Minaj candy floss head.

Why is she growing carrots on her head?

Cheetos Hairstyle!

Rice Ball on Nicki's head!!

Flan Solo

Something for the summer!! LOL

You know, those drumstick ice cream cones?

Braided Bun!!

Kim's Donut Bun!!


Cilantro hairstyle!!

Ice Cream hair

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