10+ People Had Only One Job to Perform But Failed Hilariously

  1. 1 Iphone version of Samsung!

  2. 2 Make sure your friends and family have tape measures before they start a project.

  3. 3 Things Done by People Who Sucked at Their Jobs

  4. 4 I swear I was not stoned this time…

  5. 5 One job! You had one job!

  6. 6 It was a simple task!

  7. 7 Hilariously Failed!

  8. 8 Excuse me mug, you are confused.

  9. 9 Cornified form of onions! LOL

  10. 10 It's a transgender Baby...

  11. 11 Come on!!

  12. 12 Do Not Enter But Enter Only!! LOL

  13. 13 You know your the besterest when you place 3st!

  14. 14 I Need Some Of These New Puppies!

  15. 15 Superman Changed his name to Batman!

  16. 16 Useless Door!! Come on "you had only one job"

  17. 17 Bench for lying down!

  18. 18 That’s helpful

  19. 19 Juicy bacon! Yum!

  20. 20 Back to school with knives!


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