10+ Of The Most Hilarious Ironic Photos

If you want to have a good laugh, this is the right post for you. This post features a list of pictures, which are so ironic that they are bound to make you laugh! I guess some people take instructions too literally!


Keep on scrolling and see for yourself!

"Free" WIFI For $59.99

Heart disease. Now only $3

No Signs Posting!!

Great ad placement!!

Seems like Pepsi Truck Kidnapping Coca Cola. LOL

Fat Free Lettuce!!

This seagull seems to have its own personal understanding of human’s rules.

No pets allowed!!

Fire Extinguishers

I Thought It's A Self Closing Gate

Well That's Invisible

Safety First!!

They Are Very Serious About Fitness

Where The News Hits Home

"Come In" we are closed. LOL

Any Questions?

Thank You for "careful driving"

No You Can't!!

Seedless Watermelon With Seeds. LOL


I don't think this is what that had in mind when they added the drive-thru sign

Safety begins with you!!

American Freedom made In China

Non-Stick Fry Pan

How To Open This Now?

Fire Extinguisher is on Fire!!


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