10+ Of The Most Clever Packaging You Have Ever Seen

Everyday we use products and never really pay attention to the package it comes in. But sometimes the packaging is designed to get your attention. These clever designs do more then keeping the product safe, they are a product on their own. Checkout this list of clever packaging designs and let us knows which one you think is cleverest.


This Wooden Wine Case Can Be Turned Into A Birdhousev

Pasta Nikita Packaging

6 Servings Of Italian Spaghetti

Pizza Fingers

Peanut Bag

Sustainable Egg Boxes

Packed Like Sardines

Butterfly Tea

Thelma’s Cookies

Jam Packaging

The Pizza Box That Turns Into A Projector

Lightbulb Spice Jars & Coasters

Tea Hangers

Butter! Better!

Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise

Fit Buns High Protein: Bread

Super Hot Sauce

Loco – Mad Wine

Banana Milk

Honey Hive

Spine Vodka

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