10+ Of The Most Funniest Cars Around The World

Most of us have pretty standard choices when it comes to cars, which is why when something extraordinary pops up on the roads it’s no surprise that it gets all the attention. People who want to show off their high living standard go with Audi or Ferrari however people who want to show off their lively personality choose the kind of cars below: 

  1. 1 This car belongs to a dentist!!

  2. 2 Open wide and say ahhhhh!

  3. 3 Chubby Car!!

  4. 4 Good looking expression!!

  5. 5 Lobster Car in Orlando, Florida

  6. 6 Another dentist car!!

  7. 7 The THING from Adams family is here!

  8. 8 Funny yet creative shoe car!

  9. 9 Oscar Mayer Promotion Gives Lucky Twitter Fans a Ride in the Wienermobile!

  10. 10 'You don't need a licence to drive an avocado'

  11. 11 Car wearing a thong!

  12. 12 Real life Mater!

  13. 13 Banana Ride!

  14. 14 Double Decker Car!

  15. 15 Funny Art Car!

  16. 16 Funny Car Or Bike?

  17. 17 A Car Toaster!

  18. 18 Piggy Car!

  19. 19 Chicken drive across the road!

  20. 20 This crazy cat and car lover committed this...

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