10+ of The Most Disconcerting Photoshop Fails of Popular Ads and Catalogs

We’ve all had our fair share of photoshop fails, and while it’s a hard skill to master, we can’t help but think how it’s possible to see photoshop mistakes at such a high level.


Scroll down to see some of the most disconcerting photoshop fails of popular ads and catalogs!

  1. 1 It's better to have extra pair of fingers

  2. 2 One leg missing

  3. 3 Rotating foot

  4. 4 OK!! It look weird

  5. 5 Horse Body Missing

  6. 6 Her body is little flexible

  7. 7 Some thing wrong with this hand

  8. 8 Independent Foot

  9. 9 What's wrong with his hand

  10. 10 Bally Button

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