10+ Most Funny and Crazy Shoes That Will Make Say Go Home Fashion You are Drunk

Let’s admit it, everybody is crazy for shoes, especially the girls! Shoes are the top of every girl’s shopping list, I’m sure all the girls reading this can relate. And we’ve all had our fair share of crazy shoes, don’t you deny it! All in good fun of course. But if you’re thinking crazy shoes, as in, weird color or design pattern, or killer heels, let me stop you right there!


If you’re a shoe fanatic, we’re warning you, proceed at your own risk! For what you’re about to witness, is going to defy all laws and rules of fashion! But thank God, they are not in trend (yet)! Enjoy this crazy yet beautifully weird compilation of crazy shoes!

Secret Garden shoes


Armadillo Booties

Crazy Rainbow shoes

Like, really??

Animalistic hoof shoes

Nina Ricci

Duck Shoes

Stepping away from the XXth century

Modern Wizard of Oz shoes

Alien high heels


Probably SUPER uncomfortable

Crazy and Weird

Geiger inspired

Zombie Peepshow gold skull giant crystal platform shoes

Saturn-Uranus Opposition Shoes!!!

3D Printed Nylon shoes

Zaha Hadid’s “Flames”

Extreme Shoes Broom! LOL

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