10+ Of The Most Creepy Abounded Places On Earth

The combination of excitement and danger in these photos arouses some contradictory feelings — you are afraid to look, yet you can’t take your eyes off them.


Here is a list of some places that have been sitting empty, in the darkness, for decades: “haunted.”

For whatever reason, there’s just something creepy about places that sit abandoned for years after their owners have died. So while all of these accidental time capsules are cool, we sure as hell wouldn’t want to spend even a single night in any of these creepy places

Sanzhi ghost town, Taiwan

Beelitz abandoned military hospital, Germany

Lier mental asylum, Norway

Shi Cheng underwater city, China

Kolmanskop ghost town, Namibia

Pripyat, Ukraine

Mirny Diamond Mine - Eastern Siberia, Russia

Six Flags Jazzland - New Orleans, Louisiana

Abandoned Coal Plant - France

Hashima Island, Japan

Isla de las Muñecas — Mexico City, Mexico

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