10+ Hotel Designs That Fail Hilariously

Sometimes architects fail so miserably that you can’t help but question their intellect. The funny thing is that the whole team who’s working with them or supervising the project fails to see these mishaps. The same is true for hotels. Sometimes you’ll see things in hotels that are so stupid that you’re going to wonder If the manager is actually serious about providing proper hospitality or not. 


Listed in this post are photos are more than 10 design fails at hotels.  Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 No-Smoking room with a No-Smoking ashtray...

  2. 2 Privacy Issues

  3. 3 Only for high blood pressure patient

  4. 4 Ooh a window!!

  5. 5 I want to make coffee

  6. 6 Way to stairs please!!

  7. 7 No way!!

  8. 8 Thanks but I'll use my data connection!

  9. 9 If Super Mario taught me anything, it's that you should jump into that wall at the top.

  10. 10 Low budget cinema hall!

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