10+ Hilarious Parenting Hacks Only Dads Can Invent

And you thought you wouldn't have time to workout since you had kids


When its dad's turn to feed the kid

When you are tired of cleaning markers off of your house walls

This parenting malarkey is pretty easy...

I am a dad and my beauty sleep is more important

No more car fighting; Genius

When you let dads take care of baby

While Travelling:

Another wonderful dad hack

Always remember to dread-lock your baby for safety...

Everyone's happy, right?

"Tiny Daddy Prisons" dad's personal space

When mom is out for work

Ingenious, why didn't I think of that one 😉

Who said men couldn't multi-task? xD

He is the most dedicated father, More like "Daddycation"

As long as you don't shut the drawer, there is NOTHING wrong with this brilliant idea

New Dad Achievement: Unlocked

Instant swaddling technique

This is how this dad chosen to spend Father's Day

Snug as a bug in a rug! Brilliant

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