15 Hilarious Baby Face Swaps That Might Terrify You

Not sure if this is Photoshop or SnapChat but these face swaps are both hilarious and creepy! Babies are supposed to be cute and adorable, pasting an adults face on a baby is just wrong on so many levels. If that wasn’t enough, a baby’s face on an adult’s body is even weirder. But some people will do anything to kill time. 


Listed in this post are more than 10 hilarious and creepy baby face swaps that are sure to give you nightmares, proceed at your own risk peeps: 

Who needs a DNA test

Kinda looks like Ellen DeGeneres with a mohawk

Its a regulated-kid!

Can't stop laughing XD

I would be surprised of myself as well, if I see that big beard on such small kid!

This man is so cute

The pacifier makes it funnier

Oh God, no!

Stuff of nightmare

I couldn't resist. LOL

Lmao ..don't cry santa

Dear lord!!

Aww... This is cute

Baby Daddy

Hahaha... can't stop laughing

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