10+ Cool Photos Proving Photography is An Art

The world of internet is full of amazing pictures and perfect clicks, but have you ever wondered how much work went behind these perfect photos? Some of these pictures may be a coincidence, but most of them are a result of patience, resilience and perfect timing. A significant amount of physical effort and brilliant creative thought goes behind these carefully crafted pictures. 


Listed in this post are 10 cool and amazing pictures that really do justice to the creative efforts of the photographers by truly exhibiting the artistic side of photography. Don’t forget the 10th one, it is seriously awesome:

Set me free!

Super Moon On a Radio Telescope!

The deep end!

Tiny woman or giant man?

A helicopter and the Yosemite waterfall!

Freeze Action!

What a pattern! Wonderful capture!


Super Creative!

Nature and Wildlife!

Perfect and Cool! Very tough shot.

super Shot! Simply Wow!

Amazing Shot!

Beach Blanket!

Would you dare try this

A Popping Bubble!

Stunning Photo Manipulations by Dillon Saw!

Perfect Jump! Love it!

Where do you think you’re going?

Would you dare try this?

These girls completely nailed it!

Fly me to the moon!

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