10+ Cool Animals Who Look like Famous Fictional Characters

We’re all used to seeing people cosplaying their favorite characters, or even naturally just looking like them. It’s a common occurrence where we look at a person and think they resemble a celebrity.


But have you ever looked at an animal and thought, man this looks like so and so? No, well we’ve got you covered! Below is the list of animals who look like famous fictional characters, and can we just say, the similarities are quite staggering and funny at the same time!

  1. 1 Saruman

  2. 2 Hyena Ed

  3. 3 Dobby

  4. 4 Batman

  5. 5 Chewbacca

  6. 6 Beast

  7. 7 Gollum

  8. 8 Maleficent

  9. 9 Master Shifu

  10. 10 Voldemort

  11. 11 Toothless

  12. 12 Jabba

  13. 13

  14. 14 Lady Olenna Tyrell

  15. 15 Sid

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