10+ Babies Who Look exactly Like Famous Celebrities

We have already seen animals and adults resemble strikingly with celebrities, now BemeThis presents you babies who look exactly like famous celebrities! Kind of weird right? Since all babies kind of resemble with each other, it’s hard to picture them resembling with adults and that too celebrities!


Scroll down and see for yourself! The resemblances are uncanny and quite adorable!

  1. 1 Vin Diesel

  2. 2 Gordon Ramsey

  3. 3 Chris Farley

  4. 4 Amy Schumer

  5. 5 Danny Devito

  6. 6 Ian Mckellen

  7. 7 Bill Maher

  8. 8 Ja Rule

  9. 9 Elvis Presley

  10. 10 John Legend

  11. 11 Karl Pilkington

  12. 12 Kevin ‘The Office’

  13. 13 Mrs Doubtfire

  14. 14 Patton Oswalt

  15. 15 Simon Pegg

  16. 16 Wallace Shawn

  17. 17 Ed Sheeran

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