These 10+ Animals Are Real Champions of Hide & Seek

 This post has a compilation of pictures in which some of them will make you say aww, while the others will just give you the shudders! Many of them will make you wonder how close you were to touching so many animals including geckos and spiders. 


Considering how we take off in the opposite direction when we see these animals, this is quite a scary thought! Yet, we can feel the excitement at this prospect. Keep on scrolling to see how beautifully the animals camouflage themselves! It will make you appreciate Mother Nature on a whole new level!

The chances of finding a "Bitis gabonica" is almost like finding a needle in a haystack but that haystack is 3,280 km²!'re doing it pretty well actually

This flat spider wraps around twigs to further camouflage itself

No one knows where i am

Camouflage mode engaged

Hidden Beast In The Wild



You can hardly see the gecko

Beauty In White

I am the colour of my house!!!

Spot the cat!

The leaf insect or walking leaf?

Double camouflage!!!

Soles are masters of camouflage, and very often only seen because they are moving. This individual started to bury itself in the sand, disappearing almost totally in a matter of seconds...

Looks who's having a sneaky snooze up on the 10ft high wall! Soaking up the rays she is!!!

Oh my!!! Cool Kitty Camouflage

Seems like leash is in the air


Blended into the carpet

Underwater camouflage

Baron caterpillar with perfect camouflage!

Perfect match

Can you spot a seahorse?

Another Perfect Match

Guess which is the real one?

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