10+ of the Most Bizarre and Wild Beauty Trends Of 2017

In this day and age, it’s very easy to become and influencer or a beauty guru. Get a couple thousand followers on Instagram and you become a hit. Since, so many people are becoming “influencers” these days, it gives birth to a lot of wacky trends. Often times these weird trends spread like wild fire and everyone starts following them without much questioning. So, let’s see such wackiest trends which will clearly make you ask yourself ‘what were they thinking?’.


Wiggly eyebrows!!

Glitter Roots!!

Christmas Tree Eyebrows!!

Nose Hair Extensions!!

Rainbow highlighter is still a thing right?

When u make a joke about starting a funny brow trend people will take it seriously and.... well. start the trend

Reversed Eyeliner

The ear makeup trend which is set to be back and big in Spring/Summer 2017!

Real life Bratz Doll

Hairy nails!!

100 layer challenge

Rainbow hairs !!

That's crazy!!

Face Jewellery!!

Glitter Tongue Trend!!

Dragon eyebrows!!

Hairy Nails!!

Crazy eye make-up ideas!!

Geode lip extravaganza!

Ever heard of eyebrow wigs aka stick on wigs aka fake eyebrows?

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